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Restoration Process

Total Funds


Making the land useful again

The OERB is committed to providing a practical and economical remedy for environmental problems caused by orphaned and abandoned well sites. Our four-step restoration process follows recognized environmental standards adapted to meet our unique needs. Each restoration team offers both environmental and petroleum expertise. Common restoration requirements include:

  • Removing or burying lease roads and location pads.
  • Removing equipment, concrete, trash and debris.
  • Repairing erosion and saltwater "scars" left on the land.
  • Treating hydrocarbons and closing pits.

Through a grant from the Department of Energy's National Petroleum Technology Office in Tulsa, Okla., the OERB developed a Lease Operations Guidance Document for the Bureau of Land Management. The document describes general guidelines, practices and essential components of oil and natural gas lease operations as they pertain to the protection and restoration of the environment.

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