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"OERB stayed with it through inclement weather and conditions and did perhaps more than required to make the land visibly appealing and usable. Oklahoma should be proud of OERB’s dedication and efforts to restore our grand land. Thanks so much!"

Pauline Boatmun

"I feel like the oil and gas industry really cares about the environment. The OERB did a great job restoring the land. I’m very satisfied!"

Vicky Jennings

"The average landowner would not be able to fund these kinds of projects. The OERB staff did an outstanding job. They kept me informed of each phase of the job and gave a realistic timeframe for all the work that was done. Thanks again!"

Kenneth Van Dyke

"Today’s industry is taking some responsibility even though the damage was done by others. It’s the right thing to do – it rebuilds public confidence in the oil and gas industry. I believe most landowners are skeptical this clean-up will occur with no cost to them. However, I contacted OERB after seeing a commercial and am very satisfied with the work they did for me."

Jim King

"Many, many thanks for all OERB has done in the restoration of an old well site on our land. We finally got the rain that was needed and now it’s so pretty and green. This is like a dream come true."

John & JoAnn Coleman

"The OERB has done an excellent job on the clean-up of my property. The entire project from our original request to the finalized project was handled in a highly professional manner. Restoration of the site appears to be near perfect. Thank you for a job well done."

M.G. Whitmire

"Used to, when I would drive through my pasture, I always had a vision of what I’d like to do to fix it and get rid of that abandoned well site. Now when I drive through it, it’s already fixed, it’s already cleaned up. I didn’t have to do it, didn’t have to pay for having it done. OERB is doing a good thing."

Robert Sutterfield

"The Deer Creek Public Schools, the Board of Education, Superintendent Becky Wilkinson and I extend our sincere appreciation to OERB for your excellent work in cleaning up our new middle school lot. The lot had a large amount of old oil field equipment and oil field pipes. The property now is clean, beautiful and ready for use. Again, a special thanks for your excellent work in restoring the site to a functional and useful property."

Richard Vrooman, Director of Operations
Deer Creek Public Schools, Edmond

"I am very pleased with the work you just completed on my small farm north of Dewey in Washington County. I admit I was skeptical when I heard about OERB. I'm glad to say I was wrong. Representatives of OERB have all acted in a professional manner. I very much appreciate the good work."

Jim King

"We are writing this letter to express our sincere gratitude. In August 2005, we requested removal of an abandoned oil line that runs through the middle of our 14 acres, which includes the backyard of our home. Last month that request was granted and your company's laborers removed the pipeline in one day. We want everyone involved in this project to know we are very thankful. We are due to have our first child in December of this year [2006]. It is nice to know when this child becomes old enough to play outside we will not have to worry about the pipeline being in the way of playground equipment, etc. It also is much easier to mow the lawn/pasture now that we do not have to dodge that obstacle. Plus, it is easier on our equipment now that we are not accidentally running over the line with our mower/tractor. Again, thank you for the professional handling of this matter."

Jason and Suzanne Kannady

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