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The industry along with scientists, regulators and state officials are continuing to collaborate to gain a better understanding of earthquake activity in Oklahoma. In an effort to do their part, the oil and natural gas industry has donated more than 450 million dollars in propriety data and reported more than 19,527 miles of previously unknown fault data to the Oklahoma Geological Survey. In addition, 14 injection wells have been donated to the state for research. Access to these wells will allow researchers to see real-time data of how water pressures and volumes affect the formation. This data is being collected into a database that is allowing regulators and scientists to analyze and react to the results providing them with a clearer understanding of our states’ geological system. 

Learn more about these efforts and get the facts on how industry, regulators and scientists are addressing this issue head on by viewing our "Understanding Earthquakes in Oklahoma" video, downloading our earthquake fact sheet.  Then share our infographics with friends, family and fellow Oklahomans.

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Earthquake Monitoring & Mitigation Fact Sheet

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