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The oil and natural gas industry is the economic engine of the state – supporting education, providing jobs and boosting our economy. The following statistics provide additional insight on the impact the industry has on Oklahoma.

Oklahoma ranks third in the nation in natural gas production.  


Oklahoma ranks forth in the nation in crude oil production.


• One in five jobs in Oklahoma are directly or indirectly supported by the oil and natural gas industry.


• Annual operations from Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry generate $1 out of every $5 in gross state product.


• Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas producers paid $331 million to local school districts in 2015, in addition to nearly $150 million to student aid, higher education capital and common education technology funds.


• $61 million in production taxes were directly apportioned back to county roads and highways.


• More than a dozen of the 100 largest natural gas fields in America are located in Oklahoma, including the SCOOP & STACK


• Oklahoma has five petroleum refineries with a combined capacity of more than 500,000 barrels per day – that’s roughly 3 percent of the total U.S. capacity.


• The oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners supporting the OERB have voluntarily contributed almost $100 million to restore more than 15,000 abandoned well sites across Oklahoma. 


• Approximately three-fifths of Oklahoma households use natural gas as their primary energy source for home heating.


• Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas producers have given more than $1.75 million in OERB Petroleum Scholarships, supporting hundreds of Oklahoma college students majoring in petroleum-related fields.


• The direct economic influence of Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas sector in 2016 is estimated to be: 114,762 full and part-time jobs (wage, salary and proprietor employment) and $20.4 billion in gross state product.


• The average Oklahoma oil and natural gas worker makes more than $94,000 a year.


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