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About Us

About us

Advancing our State. Empowering our Nation.

In 1993, leaders representing Oklahoma's oil producers and royalty owners, working with the Oklahoma State Legislature, formed the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board. Oklahoma's natural gas producers joined soon after. Our mission --  to use the strength of Oklahoma’s greatest industry to improve the lives of all Oklahomans through education and restoration. 

At the heart of our mission is the OERB's ongoing commitment to clean up Oklahoma's orphaned and abandoned well sites -- sites left to ruin by those who have long since passed or disappeared. Funded through voluntary contributions paid by producers and royalty owners, the OERB's environmental restorations cost nothing to landowners or taxpayers. We've restored more than 17,000 orphaned and abandoned well sites, employing Oklahoma contractors along the way. 

Our positive impact is seen not only in restored pastures, hillsides and ponds, but also on the faces of landowners, students and teachers across the state. 

We've shared our exciting energy curricula and safety messages with more than one million Oklahoma students. These numbers, along with the economic impact the petroleum industry brings to our state economy, continue to add up for Oklahoma.

To review the statute of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, click the link below.

Oklahoma Energy Resources Board: Statute (PDF)


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