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Free Museum Field Trips
The OERB is proud to offer free field trips to museums for classes that have completed the Little Bits, Fossils to Fuel, Fossils to Fuel 2, Petro Active or CORE Energy curriculum.

Each free museum field trip includes:

  • Free admittance for classroom teachers and students to the closest, age-appropriate museum
  • Free energy class/exhibit at the museum
  • Partial to full travel reimbursement for schools or school districts

The museums are:
Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City
Formerly known as the Omniplex, Science Museum Oklahoma has more than 350 hands-on exhibits and educational programs designed to educate, entertain and excite students. The museum's exhibits are grouped around science themes, including perception, light, sound, life sciences, energy, meteorology, math, FAMILYSPACE, KIDSPACE, physics, agriculture and nutrition. Students are encouraged to interact with exhibits in this please-touch atmosphere. Want to know more?

Watch Video Here.
Phone: (405) 602-6664 or 1-800-532-7652

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum in Seminole
A special hands-on museum where three-to-twelve-year-olds become TV anchors, doctors, medics, judges, artists, pilots, firefighters and much more. Be amazed at the 13,500-gallon aquarium filled with aquatic life. The place in Oklahoma where kids play to learn and adults learn to play. 

Watch Video Here.
Phone: (405) 382-0950

Goddard Camp and Museum in Sulphur
Nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains, Goddard Museum is situated by the shores of the Lake of the Arbuckles near Sulphur. This hands-on natural history museum brings earth science to life for students. The museum boasts a fossil from Oklahoma’s dinosaur past—a 40-foot-long acrocanthasaurus. Students can discover what lies beneath the earth’s surface when they visit the Geological Wall, and a 6,000-square-foot fossil dig also is available, where students get to keep the fossils they unearth.

Watch Video Here.
Phone: (580) 993-3335

Woolaroc in Bartlesville
A place where native and exotic animals graze at the roadside, where history comes to life in a world-class museum, and where Native American heritage is preserved and displayed, not to mention the home of the Oil Patch - an outdoor display that demonstrates the colorful history and rugged lifestyle of the oil industry in Oklahoma.

Watch Video Here.
Phone: (918) 336-0307

Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City
The Oklahoma History Center is a complete learning experience where teachers and students alike can explore Oklahoma's unique history of geology, transportation, commerce, culture, aviation, heritage and more.

Video Coming Soon.
Phone: (405) 522-5248

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman
The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History is located on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. The museum explores the vast natural wonders of Oklahoma with multiple exhibits spread over 50,000 square feet, including the Conoco Oil Pioneers Exhibit.

Watch Video Here.
Phone: (405) 325-4712

Geoscience Center in Tulsa
At the Geoscience Center, students are encouraged to be Earth detectives by experimenting with minerals, rocks and oil cores. Students also participate in an earthquake demonstration and fossil dig. This field trip is best suited for grades 4 and up.

Watch Video Here.

Phone: (918) 392-4556

Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City
The Museum of Osteology is the only one of its kind in America. Focusing on form and function of the skeletal system, the museum displays hundreds of skulls and skeletons from all corners of the world. Students will participate in Reading the Rocks: The Story of Oil. This 45 minute class takes students on a journey to the past where they will examine life during the Carboniferous period. Hands-on investigation will allow students to discover how sediment accumulates over time to form rocks and trap oil. The Museum of Osteology welcomes all grade levels!

Video Coming Soon.

Phone: (405) 814-0006

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