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A new jet fuel made partially from natural gas has just been approved for use in civil aviation, or the large, commercial jets you and I use to fly around the world.
The fuel is a 50% Kerosene fuel blend known as GTL Jet Fuel created by Qatar Petroleum and Shell. The companies will join together to produce enough GTL Jet Fuel to carry 250 passengers around the world 4,000 times a year.
Because of the natural gas in GTL Jet Fuel, it has lower emissions or particulate and other pollutants that affect air quality. GTL Jet Fuel also has a slightly higher energy density than other kerosene fuels. That means a lower weight of fuel may be required for each flight. Research is now underway to see if this lower weight will have any effect on potential fuel cost savings and efficiency.
Qatar and Shell say the fuel is the product of two years’ research and discussion between producers, equipment manufacturers and consumers of aviation fuel.

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