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This past week, the city of Norman made moves to become CNG-friendly. The city council began the first of three phases to convert its city vehicle fleet to natural gas, set up a fueling station and provide CNG to the public.

The first step for the city is getting a grant to help complete a time-fill station to refuel the city's 14 CNG vehicles. ONG donated a $50,000 CNG compressor station to the city earlier this year. Norman city leaders believe they'll save about $56,000 a year using CNG to fuel its fleet.

Future CNG plans for the city of Norman include two sanitation trucks being delivered next month and expansion of the time-fill station to allow for more trucks to be fueled up as the city's fleet grows. The city hopes to have 100 vehicles converted to CNG by 2020.

City leaders say they eventually want to install a fast-fill station that would be open to the public, allowing citizens to gas up their personal CNG cars and trucks.

Norman is falling in line with many of the state's major municipalities, by accepting CNG as a viable way to both save money and be environmentally responsible. We have seen similar moves in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and other towns in Oklahoma.

And, we'll see moves in our state legislature this coming session to make natural gas an important power source in our state. House Republicans unveiled their agenda this week, promising to push for the use of more natural gas.

And, as they do, we'll keep an eye on right here on The Bridge.

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