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Science Experiment #2: Magic Balloon

Have you ever thought about how natural gas is formed? Do you think it is safe to heat our homes with gas? 

Set Up Materials:
You will need tuna, lettuce leaves, one liter clear plastic bottle, one balloon, a graduated cylinder, sand, pond water and masking tape. 

1. Layer the following in order in a one liter clear plastic bottle: One tablespoon of tuna, two torn lettuce leaves, three tablespoons of sand and slowly add (10ml) of water (do not shake or disturb the layers).

2. Stretch the opening of the balloon over the opening of the bottle. Seal with masking tape.

3. Carefully move the bottle to a hot sunny place outside. Observe and predict the bottle’s changes for several days.

4. Chart and record your data: Time & Changes

What do you think caused the changes in the balloon?
What happened to the materials in the bottle as time passes?
Can you explain what happened in the bottle? 

Experiment Again?
Make some new gas models and use different plant and animal materials. Compare it to your original gas model. Make a list of items in your daily life that need natural gas to function.
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